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Marital Separation Structuring and Tax Advice

We specialise in helping individuals navigate the complex financial implications of marital separation. We understand that this is a challenging time, both emotionally and financially, and our team of experts is here to provide guidance and support.

Why 8 Collective?

  • A crucial aspect of marital separation is understanding how your business structures are impacted. Whether you are a sole proprietor, a partnership, trust, or company, the division of assets and the future structure of your business can be significantly affected.
  • We are well-versed in the legal and financial considerations associated with separating a business during a divorce or separation.
  • We work closely with you to evaluate the best course of action to protect your business interests.
  • Another factor to consider is the impact of taxes on the transfer of assets. During a marital separation, there may be a need to transfer business assets between you and your spouse. These transfers can have significant tax implications, and it is essential to navigate them with care.
  • Our team of tax advisors specialise in analysing and optimising the tax consequences associated with asset transfers, ensuring that you make informed decisions that align with your financial goals.
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Mark Sessarago - 8 Collective Gold Coast Accountants

Mark Sessarago

Managing Director

Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)
Bachelor of Business (Accounting), Griffith University

Specialises in:
David Clancy - Accountant at 8 Collective - Chevron island Gold Coast Accountants

David Clancy

Manager & Business Advisor

Chartered Accountant (CA)
Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), Bond University

Specialises in:
Stuart Clancy - 8 Collective Gold Coast Accountants

Stuart Clancy

Manager & Business Advisor

Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)
Bachelor of Professional Accountancy, RMIT

Specialises in:

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